Miraa House

Making Independence Real and Achievable

What is Miraa House?
Situated in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, Miraa House is an exclusive all-female, non-for-profit unique life skills learning centre, for women with an intellectual disability.

What do we offer?
Offering premium structured life skills courses under the NDIS system, Miraa House works in small groups (1:3 ratio), to provide engaging and meaningful centre-based and community activities. Miraa House provides it’s participants the opportunity to continue learning beyond high school and further develop their social and emotional skills.

Miraa House
Our Vision

Our vision is to provide learning for life, Making Independence Real And Achievable.

With confidence, our participants can enhance their lives and enjoy the challenges.

There is no greater gift in life than health, friendship, security, and a sense of belonging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop girls into ladies today, and ladies into independent women tomorrow.

Every woman throughout her journey at Miraa House, will be empowered and inspired to reach her individual goals.

Miraa House Walkthrough

We welcome you to Miraa House, feel free to explore.

Miraa House - Programs

Developed by qualified professionals, our programs are structures to enable each individual to work towards their personal goals through identifying strengths, limitations, and developing decision-making skills.

Goal Setting & Daily Intentions

- Setting daily goals
- Discussing daily intensions
- Aligning focus

Journal & Clean Up

- Engaging in outdoor activities
- Reflecting on achievements
- Journaling

Music Therapy

- Improving upon moods
- Encouraging self-expression
- Helping to reduce stress

My Voice

- Exploring personal identity
- Understanding personal rights
- Establishing values

Work Preparation

- Setting career goals
- Understanding workplace dress code
  and behaviour
- Volunteering opportunities

Me, Myself and Others

- Exploring self-awareness
- Managing different emotions
- Understanding different relationships

Coping Skills

- Coping with heightened emotions
- Developing response strategies and
- Breathing techniques and meditation

My Home My Space

- Practising personal care
- Maintaining a home and daily
- Working towards independent living

Community Links

- Learning to budget
- Understanding road safety
- Utilising public transport

Cooking Program

- Practising hygiene skills
- Understanding food safety
- Implementing meal plans

Let’s Be Healthy Together

- Practising nutrition education and
  portion control
- Increasing confidence in healthy
  food choices
- Growing and maintaining a vegetable
  garden .

Mindful Movement

- Learning connections between
  healthy diets and physical activity
- Understanding the benefits of
  physical activity
- Taking part in light movements

Contact Us

Please contact the team at Miraa House if you have any questions, or if you would like to book an appointment to take a tour of Miraa House / Miraa Home.

Phone number

(07) 3376 7966




147 Westlake Drive
Westlake, Queensland 4074