About Us

In 2008, Miraa House was founded by the parents of a young woman with an intellectual disability searching for life-long learning.

Miraa House is here to support our participants on their journey to independence. We have learnt that their disability is not an inability and with the right support, patience and perseverance – every participant at Miraa House can develop from girls into ladies today and ladies into independent tomorrow.

The Story of Miraa House

For most people, the end of school is an exciting time – the world is your oyster with endless opportunities.

For someone with a disability, it can be a stressful time of change and uncertainty and having an intellectual disability can restrict your opportunities.

When their daughter, finished school, Sylvia and Norm explored all their options, just because their daughter has an intellectual disability does not mean she doesn’t have the capacity to learn. It just means she requires more structure, more repetition, and more support. And yet, Sylvia and Norm were unable to find any services that offered this.

And this is why Miraa House exists today.

Mirra House Gallery