Miraa Home would like to extend a very warm welcome. The staff will work hard to make your stay at Miraa Home enjoyable, exciting, and memorable. We promise to listen and support you, uphold your rights, treat you with respect and dignity. We promise to work very closely with you towards implementing skills of daily living and decision making in a supported, yet independent living space. 

Miraa Home - Activities

Miraa Home engages qualified professionals to structure the Short Term Accommodation and Boarding Programs to enable each individual the ability to work toward their personal goals through identifying strengths and limitations and developing decision-making skills.

Healthy Choices

- Increasing confidence in making
  healthy food choices
- Creating meal plans
- Completing weekly grocery shopping

Household Management

- Completing daily routines
- Planning weekly schedules
- Maintaining Miraa Home

Community Access

- Learning to budget
- Understanding road safety
- Utilising public transport

Meditation & Mindfulness

- Practising self-awareness
- Building emotional regulation skills
- Improving focus and grounding

Personal Care

- Maintaining personal hygiene
- Building on self-confidence
- Accessing healthcare services

Weekly Meal Planning

- Utilising problem-solving skills
- Developing money handling skills
  and budgeting
- Implementing meal plans

Activities of Choice

- Exploring hobbies
- Developing social skills
- Creating long-lasting friendships