Dietitian & Nutritionist

Dietetics services aim to empower participants to make healthier food and lifestyle choices. Living with a disability can disadvantage some in the aspect of physical movement or knowledge regarding lifestyle and nutrition – we support all women living with intellectual, sensory, neurological, physical and psychosocial disabilities to achieve their lifestyle and nutritional goals.

A nourished mind and body allow for improvements in mental and physical health, reduced risk or severity of chronic disease and improved quality of life.

In delivering this service, our qualified staff translate the science of food and nutrition into easy-to-understand education and practical strategies.

Tailored to the participant’s circumstances, we provide evidence-based nutrition education and advice to support the participant to:

  • Plan nutritious meals
  • Prepare meals independently
  • Develop budgeting skills
  • Conduct weekly grocery shopping
  • Overcome resistance to certain food groups
  • Increase confidence when introducing new foods
  • Improve relationships with foods including disordered eating
  • Enjoy safe mealtimes when experiencing difficulties with appetite, chewing and/or swallowing

Our qualified staff can also assist with various other dietary needs, such as:

  • Ensuring adequate nutrition in relation to dietary choices such as vegetarianism and veganism
  • Addressing nutrient deficiencies (eg. iron deficiency)
  • Improving bowel issues (eg. constipation, diarrhoea, coeliac disease, limited fluid/fibre intake, IBS)

This list is not exhausted, if you have any other concerns or are seeking reassurance, please contact us for more information or to be connected to the right service.

Can Ndis Help?
Our counselling services are accessible via the participants NDIS plan, these services fall under the capacity building – improved daily living category.

Service Delivery
Our qualified staff offer dietetic services face-to-face at Miraa House or alternatively, in the participants home. To ensure our service is accessible by all, we also offer telehealth appointments.

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