May 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the May Newsletter

We can’t believe we are approaching the halfway mark of 2022, May seemed to have
flown by! We are now well into Term 2, and our schedules have been jammed packed
full of learning, skill building, strengthening our friendships, and of course having
fun! Continue reading on to see what we got up to during the month of May 😊

Let's Be Healthy Together

This term in Let’s Be Healthy Together, our Dietitian Caroline has been teaching us all about Meal Planning and Preparing. The aim of this topic is to put the knowledge we learnt from last term into practice to create a balanced meal. A balanced meal is one that incorporates a fat, a carbohydrate, a protein, at least 2 sources of colour (from fruits or vegetables), and flavour.

To start this topic off, we created a diary of all the foods we liked and sorted them into each category of a balanced meal. Each week we then choose a meal we would like to prepare, create a recipe (ensuring it is balanced of course!), and then make a shopping list. The following week, we go grocery shopping and follow our list to buy the ingredients so that we can then prepare the meal. The final step is learning about how to appropriately package the left overs, how/where to store these, how long we can store these for, and practiced making another balanced meal with the leftovers.

This program is offered on Thursdays.

Here is an example of a balanced meal we created:

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’

At Miraa House we are all for supporting our local communities. Therefore, it was a no brainer to attend the Mt. Ommaney Special School Op Shop. We spent the morning looking through preloved clothes, shoes, homewares and books – we were all amazed at how these preloved goods looked brand new! From this experience we learnt that buying from Op Shops is a great way to save money, gives the opportunity to find treasures you wouldn’t normally find in mainstream shops, and also
decreases landfill.

After our shopping spree, we showed our support by purchasing hot drinks and homemade biscuits from the ‘Curlew Café’; a café run by students of Mt. Ommaney Special School with the help of their teachers.

Make sure to keep an eye out on the Mt. Ommaney Special School Facebook page
( to keep up to date on when the Op Shop and Café will be next open.


We stepped into the realm of science at Queensland Museum’s SparkLab. As promised on the SparkLab website, our imaginations were ignited. We explored the centre and were blown away by how amazing each of the exhibits were. We had the chance to learn about current and ancient volcanoes that are on Earth and other planets – did you know, that even the moon has volcanoes?

The friendly staff took us through an experiment where we were to guess whether certain objects would either float or sink to the bottom of water – we loved the challenge!

Music With Fiona

As much as we love every day at Miraa House, one day in particular we look forward to is Wednesday’s when we have music therapy with Fiona.

Work Preparation

This term in work prep we have been learning about the art of presentations.

Our Monday participants have chosen a topic of interest and will create a short presentation on this topic to deliver to their friends at the end of term.

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