March 2022 Newsletter

Social worker awareness month

One thing I love about being a social worker is that we are almost guaranteed a wonderful team. Because social workers work to help and support, we work alongside people who have the same passion and mission. I love every organization I have ever been in, especially my team in Miraa House.
– Tia

What drew me into the social work profession is the rich diversity and the rewarding career. I also chose this field because the principles and values of social work connect with my values. I believe in the good of everyone and I feel that social work allows me to connect and help individuals achieve their goals.

My favourite part of being a Social Worker is being able to witness individuals reaching their full potential of independence in life.

– Regina

International Women’s Day

On Tuesday 8th March, we celebrated International Women’s Day; a day where the world celebrates the achievements of women as well as raising awareness about women’s equality.
This year’s IWD theme is ‘Breaking the Bias’, which is all about working towards a world free from bias, discrimination, and stereotypes. As part of theMe, Myself and Others program, we spoke about gender bias and how certain household tasks are considered to either be ‘female tasks’ or ‘male tasks’.

Eating the Rainbow - Learning About Vitamins and Minerals

Another topic we learnt about in Let’s Be Healthy Together was ‘eating the rainbow’. This means we should eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
For this activity we made rainbow fruit skewersencouraging us to try new fruits.

Experimenting While Learning About Dietary Fats

This term at Miraa house we were learning about dietary fats with our dietitian. Did you know that unsaturated dietary fat is important for your brain, heart, and hormone health?
In this experiment we used food dye and dishwashing soap to determine which milk/cream had the highest fat content – the slower the colours dispersed, the higher the fat content. We also got creative and made some pretty artwork, dipping paper into the food dye milk.


On Wednesday afternoons we participate in mindful movement. This term we have chosen dancing as our form of movement; we have picked our favourite songs and as a team came up with dance moves to these songs.
Some of the benefits of dancing include:
– Fine motor skills
– Form of exercise
– Building friendships
– Improves mood – laughing and having fun
– Boosts confidence
– Helps to improve emotional regulation

High Tea

In term 1 of My Home My Space, we focused on hosting a high tea. We learnt about high tea etiquette(including what to wear), the types of food served, how to set the table, and how to make invitations.
As part of the preparation for our high tea, we made our own placemats. We did this by using foods to dye canvas – we chose turmeric to make yellow placemats, red cabbage to make purple placemats, and beetroot to make pink placemats! We were very impressed with how these turned out.
On the day of the high tea, we prepared our food – we made a variety of finger sandwiches, chicken skewers, brownies, a fruit platter, and some other sweet treats.

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