February 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to 2022!

Welcome back to another year of Miraa House, we are veryexcited for the year ahead! We are all looking forward toworking hard on our goals and to continue building our friendships!
We would like to say a very big thank you for everyone’s co-operation with the extra measures we are taking by testingour ladies weekly. Keeping everyone safe is our main priorityduring this time, so we really appreciate your support.

Hello to our new friend Allie!

We are happy to welcome Allie to the Miraa House family! We have thoroughly enjoyed helping Allie settle in to the Miraa House routine.

Get to know Allie…
What is your favourite colour?

What is Your favourite food?

What is your favourite book?
My Miraa House Journal

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at Miraa House?
Walking my puppy

Term One Outlook

With a bit of a disrupted start to the year due to COVID, we are now well and truly settled into term one. Here’s a short overview of the term ahead:

Cooking Program
This term the focus of the cooking program is on improving knife skills, measuring skills, and following a recipe.
These skills will be practiced by cooking recipes from the Miraa House cookbook.

Let’s Be Healthy Together
Let’s Be Healthy together is focusing on the components of a healthy meal (protein, carbs, fats, and colour) for this term. This aims to empower the ladies to improve their ability to build more nutritionally balanced meal. These classes are provided through a varietyof theory, workbook activities, group discussions, and practical activities using food models and food experiments.

Miraa House Recipe Book

This year brings the development of the Miraa House Recipe Book designed especially for use at Miraa House and at home. The Recipe book will expand each term. All recipes are developed by Miraa Houses resident dietitian to be nutritionally balanced and are based on recipes the ladies have asked to learn to make. The recipe format is created tobe user friendly and includes recipes suited to a range of cooking levels. These recipes are practiced during the cooking program and are encouraged to be repeated at home to enhance development of these skills.

Work Preparation and Volunteering

This program aims to develop and build office work skills, these skills are designed to assist participants to get involved in volunteering and community work. This term participants will be practicing their organising and filing skills, they will also be learning about how to protect private information and documents.

Me myself and others

The aim of this course is to provide information and skills for our participants to recognise the relationship between themselves and the society/environment.For this term, the course will focus on communication skills – we will learn about communicating in different ways such asmaking phone calls, writing emails, making/writing cards for special occasions, and practice giving a public speech.

Community Links

This term in Community Links all participants will be engaging in multiple home-based activities to improve friendship building and social skills. The focus for this term is to work closely with the participants to build confidence informulating and implementing activities that can be conducted at home and at Miraa House. The outline for this term involves both theoretical and practical learning, this includes learning about friendship, communication, and self-careskills.

My home my space

The aim of this course is to provide skills and knowledge in independent living. This term, my home my space will focus on building fine motorskills for everyday tasks, as well as hosting events at home. Client will learn and practice how to host a high tea event from planning, sent out invitations to decorating and prepare for the event.

My Voice

The focus of term 1 is exploring our identity. Throughout the term we will reflect on our strengths, goals, and values to build a good understandingof who we are. We will also learn about self esteem and how we can strengthen our self-esteem. These self-reflections will be important infollowing terms where the ladies will practice how to speak up for themselves confidently.

Miraa House Dietitian

Hi, my name is Caroline,

I began my Miraa House journey at the end of last year as a volunteer dietitian and have now joined the team in 2022 as a full-time Accredited Practicing Dietitian.

I have a special interest in the role diet plays in mental health and disabilities. I am passionate about helping others improve their nutrition and cooking skills while also fostering healthy relationships with food.

On the weekend you can find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, exploring national parks, camping, reading a book atthe beach or OP shopping!

If you any queries, or want to have a chat, please feel free to reach out to myself at any time.