April 2022 Newsletter

Earth Day 2022!

Friday, April 22nd marked Earth Day for 2022.
Earth Day raises awareness of the damage being done to our Earth. This day makes us stop and think about the actions we can take to reduce the damage we are doing.
Here at Miraa House, we play our part in reducing damage to our Earth by ensuring that we compost our fruit and vegetable scraps! The scraps are broken down after we spray them with a special enzyme mixture after these decompose it makes a liquid that we mix with water and put on our veggie garden to make our veggies grow

By composting we are…
-Reducing our contribution to landfill
-Reducing our need for chemical fertilizers
-Saving water! Adding the compost juice to our garden actually helps the soil retain water, meaning we have to water the gardens less often.

Interactive Board

At Miraa House we want to create the best possible learning environment for our ladies. Earlier in the year, an interactive whiteboard was purchased to enhance our learning experience.
One of the features we love about our board is how we can complete our worksheets on the board! This makes our lessons more fun and engaging 😊


Look at Jess and Tanya creating a seasonal fruit and veggie chart using the board.

What Have We Been up to?
Wednesday Community Links - Road Safety and Café Visits

Practicing Road Safety and Building Friendships
On Wednesdays for Community Links, we are back to visiting cafes. We have been choosing cafes in our local area with a few of our favourites being To Be or Not To Be, The Coffee Club, andTwo Teaspoons. Sharing morning tea with friends encourages us to practice our table manners, communication/conversation skills, as well as budgeting.
Our theory session for Community Links this term is ‘road safety’ where we will focus on safe ways to cross the road, different signs in the community, and self-awareness in the community.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

On Friday 29th April, we made a visit to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium to learn all about our planets and galaxies. We learnt all about the different planets, our location in the Galaxy and Universe, Australian Aboriginal culture about stars, and that so far, Earth is the only sustainable living environment for us. We all had a great time at the planetarium and can’t wait to visit again!

Victoria Park Golf Club

We loved Putt Putt so much last year, that we decided to try our hand at the Driving Range! By the end of it, we all agreed that we had awesome golfing skills. Besides working on our golfing abilities, we worked on our friendship building and practiced our fine motor skills.

Tea ceremony

In Miraa house, we participated in a tea ceremony to try different kinds of tea and to learn about culture and history. We learnt about how tea grows, the process of making tea, and we tasted different kinds of tea.

Tea was originally grown and consumed in Asia, and was transported to Europe via the ‘Silk Road’-an ancient 7,000-kilometer trade route spanning from China to the Mediterranean Sea.

The tea we enjoy every day comes from the tea plant(Camellia sinensis), people pick the new leaves from tea plant and dry them to make green tea. Depends on the oxidised level, the exact same plant can make so many different kinds of tea: White tea, Yellow tea, Oolong, black tea, Puer.

Tea has so many benefits to our body, it has vitamin C, antioxidant, and helps our digestive system. Chinese and Japanese consume tea as a part of their culture.

COVID Measures

The staff would like to thank everyone for your co-operation with the measures we are taking during this time. We understand that the ‘rules’ from the Government have changed. However, it is still our number one priority to keep us all safe. Therefore, we will continue to test our ladies weekly.
A few gentle reminders:
– It takes 10 minutes for a result to be produced – we ask parents/carers to please wait at MiraaHouse for this time
– No parents/carers to enter Miraa House, please wait at the door and we will walk the ladies out 🙂