Making Independence Real and Achievable

Situated in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, Miraa House is an exclusive 
all-female, unique learning life skills Centre, for women with an intellectual disability.

Offering premium structured life skills courses under the NDIS system, Miraa House works in small groups, to provide engaging and meaningful centre-based and community activities.

As a post school option, the team at Miraa House work closely with teachers and carers, to ensure a smooth transition from school to Miraa House.


Unique, Exclusive, Unrivalled

Miraa House

Miraa House is a learning life skills centre for women aged 17 and over with an intellectual disability. The program is delivered through our dedicated and highly qualified team. The ladies work in small groups, to learn essential life skills to help them to establish relationships, connect with the community and become more independent.

Miraa Home

Miraa Home is a safe and secure, all female environment, with short term accommodation (STA) and supported Independent living (SIL), where women with an intellectual disability are given the opportunity to learn and practice life skills that enable them to be more independent and self-sufficient.


The NDIS will provide the necessary support to Australians under the age of 65, living with a permanent and significant disability, to help them to live a normal life.

The Miraa House, and Miraa Home programs are based on information from the NDIS price guide. 

Miraa Home

Short Term Accommodation (STA) and

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Practice skills of daily living and decision making in a supported, yet independent living space.

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Making a difference

Almost 20% of Australians are living with a disability that is 1 in 5 people. At Miraa House we are making a difference and you can too!
Donate now and equip us with the resources that we need to make this happen.

Miraa House has been strongly supported by the community,
 and we have Corporate Partners who continue to support us through fundraising, donations, and grants.

Dedicated team

The Miraa House program is delivered by our highly qualified and dedicated team.  Along with experience and qualifications each member of the Miraa House team has a passion to support our ladies to help them increase their independence and to connect with the community.  

Valuable words from clients,
corporate partners & visitors

Parent Review

Since our daughter has been attending Miraa House she has matured into a capable and independent young lady. 

The wonderful and caring staff have enabled Jess to become a domestic goddess at home! The skills that she has learnt and the friendships … 

Melissa & Cameron - Parents

Sponsor Review

It is with pleasure that ARM Insurance is a major Sponsor of Miraa House.

The amazing work, dedication and care provided to the ladies at Miraa House is demonstrated dailyand the resulting confidence and accomplishments achieved by them makes us so proud to be involved.

ARM Insurance - Sponsor

Visitor Review

Miraa House, a place where true beauty is reflected. “Thinking that I should know a little something about Miraa House before I visited I went to their website and discovered…

Annette - NCWQ Visitor

Sponsors Logos

Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors, through your support we have been able to purchase resources and equipment for Miraa House.