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Miraa House

Miraa House is an innovative learning centre for young women aged 18 years and over with an intellectual disability.

Situated in Brisbane’s western suburbs, Miraa House provides a premium learning and life skills program.

The client numbers in each class are small, which allows the teaching staff to focus on the individual needs of each client.

The schools founders, Norm and Sylvia Pesch are the parents of a young woman with a disability and therefore have an understanding of the developmental needs of the clients. Norm and Sylvia established Miraa House to provide quality developmental programs for young women with disabilities.

The Miraa House team are dedicated to the research and development of premium quality learning and life skill educational programs that will provide life skills to make independence real & achievable for our clients.

At Miraa House we offer you...

  • independence
  • lasting friendships
  • personal development programs
  • the feeling of belonging
  • caring and supportive team

The Miraa House Team are:

  • experienced and enthusiastic
  • supportive and caring
  • able to provide guidance for the clients
  • committed to encouraging personal growth
  • continually researching new teaching methods to provide quality learning and life skills educational programs

Now, young women have the opportunity to further develop their life skills at Miraa House.  They can continue their education beyond high school and further develop their social and emotional skills to create a happier and more fulfilling life.

Miraa House is a DSQ Service Provider