Centre based day courses, and accommodation

Miraa House Life Skills Day Courses

Miraa House Life Skills Day Courses aim to empower participants with the ability to make informed choices, enhance the quality of their lives, and impact them positively so that they have equal opportunity to aspire, achieve, participate in, and contribute to society, based on their individual talents and capabilities.

At Miraa House you are not limited to a set time frame to complete each course, all course times are extended to suit our participants requirements.

The team at Miraa House work closely with schools, teachers and carers, to ensure a smooth transition from school to Miraa House – ask our team about these transition opportunities.

Me, Myself and Others

This course is run by a Social Worker and explores students’ relationships with themselves and others with the aim of improving self-awareness and interpersonal relationships.  Topics covered will include communication skills, strengths and limitations, values, emotions, self esteem, manners, respect, and appropriate behaviour.

Work preparation

Work Preparation

In this course, students will build capacity for work or volunteering. The students complete a theory component where they create resumes, discuss goals, review their strengths and limitations, learn interview and application skills and discuss appropriate workplace behaviour. Each week, students also complete a practical component where they practice workplace skills such as typing, formatting, sorting, creating, organising, and working as a team. In addition to this, students also volunteer for other organisations throughout this course.

household chores

My Home My Space

The objective of this module is to assist in building capacity of students to live independently in their chosen communities. The course will cover topics such as maintaining a home, finding public transport close to home, budgeting, maintaining social networks and resolving disputes, assessing support needs, daily routines, and personal care. Acquire, maintain and further create opportunity to live more independently in their chosen communities. This course is designed for students who are wanting to stay at Miraa Home or move into other supported accommodation.

Community Access

Community Links

This course builds capacity for students to access the community independently. This includes selecting destinations, public transport practice, reading safety signs, appropriate behaviour, communicating with staff and budgeting. Students will visit a variety of venues in the community to practice their skills.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

This course is designed to provide students with an overall introduction to health concepts. Run by an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, it will cover many aspects of healthy eating including core food groups, building a healthy plate and portion sizes. Students will learn about keeping their bodies healthy through activities tailored to their abilities. This course will also cover body awareness, movement, and mindfulness through collaborative and interactive activities.  Providing students with health knowledge fosters independence and allows students to advocate for the type of lifestyle they want to lead.

cooking course

Cooking A

This course is for students who are already quite confident in the kitchen to further practice and develop their skills. In this course, students will select recipes, create shopping lists, learn to substitute ingredients, learn and practice chopping techniques, learn about a variety of cooking methods and techniques and learn about safe food handling and storage. Students will work together to create meals of varying complexity to share with their peers. Through gaining these skills, students with also hone their fine motor skills, risk awareness, problem solving and planning skills. In this course, students will work collaboratively and as individuals and be able to enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with completing such practical activities.

cooking course

Cooking B

This cooking course is for students with less confidence or experience with cooking. Students will practice a variety of cooking techniques including measuring, chopping, stirring. Where appropriate, students may practice their skills safely with adaptive utensils and aids such as chopping devices and cut-proof gloves. They will learn how to find foods in the supermarket and safe food handling. Through gaining these skills, students with also hone their fine motor skills, risk awareness, problem solving and planning skills. With support, students will work together to make a recipe that they will share with their peers.


Miraa House places a large emphasis on health and wellbeing and has employed a qualified dietitian to assist with the cooking courses. What food we consume affects behaviour and weight loss/gain.  Eating disorders are closely monitored and procedures are put in place to cope with any concerns. During the cooking courses the participants learn about healthy foods, food allergies, different food groups, selecting healthy recipes, preparing a grocery list, shopping for ingredients, following recipes, checking food expire dates to determine if it is safe to eat, food storage, food hygiene, food preparation, and creating interesting well-balanced meals.  The horticulture program plays an important role in the cooking course as we teach the ladies how to prepare, plant and maintain vegetable/herb gardens – these products are then used in the cooking courses.  The course is provided in a practical format to ensure meaningful outcomes for all participants.

We have a 12-week nutrition education program designed to improve participants’ understanding and knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating. The aims of the program are to increase confidence in making healthy food choices and leading a healthy lifestyle. The sessions include practical activities to deliver information in a more engaging and memorable way. All participants will have the opportunity to make individualised nutrition/healthy eating goals that will be reviewed across the program.

Day Courses

Facilitated within a stunning house, flooded with natural light and accurately emulating the home environment, our courses are delivered in a secure, all-female environment, empowering students with confidence.

Working towards a future

At Miraa House, it is possible to have the kind of future our ladies want to create; a future filled with lasting friendships, lifelong skills, and endless possiblities.

Class sizes

Developed by qualified professionals, our courses are conducted in groups of three, ensuring they are structured to give each individual the freedom to work on their personal goals, strengths and weaknesses, and make their own decisions,


Our courses have both centre based and communities meaningful and structured activities.


Miraa Home Short Term Accommodation (STA)
and Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Miraa Home offers full time 12 month, supported Independent Living courses, during which time life skills are taught.  The participant will be encouraged to learn, engage in activities, and be an active member of Miraa Home. 

The Miraa Home program will include weekly planning, shopping, meal preparation, household chores community access, health and personal care.


This program focuses on the importance of health and nutrition. A qualified dietitian will work with the ladies to create individual meal plans that will be reviewed and reiterated daily to ensure the ladies have a good understanding of the importance of making healthy choices.


The purpose of Household Management is to allow the ladies to gain a sense of independence by teaching them to work autonomously and how to identify health and safety risks in the household.  Furthermore, the program will help to build organisational skills, attention to detail and problem solving.


This program encourages the ladies to live happy, healthy and active lifestyles. The ladies will go grocery shopping, visit the library, parks, art galleries, movies and more. The ladies will become more independent while out in the community, with a focus on appropriate behaviour, building confidence, communication, choices and budgeting.

Mediation & Mindfulness

The program works with the ladies to build on their emotional regulation. The ladies will create skills in resilience, self-awareness and empathy and improve their focus and self-control.


This program teaches the ladies how to care for themselves. The focus will be on hair, skin, nails, personal hygiene, and dress styling. Through this program the ladies will build up their self confidence, and feel better about themselves.

Weekly Meal

Once a week the ladies will review their meal plans to decide on, and plan their breakfasts, lunch, snacks, and dinners for the following week. The ladies will create a list and budget before going grocery shopping to purchase the ingredients, and they will develop skills in money handling and problem solving, creating a sense of independence.Wee

of Choice

The ladies will engage in arts and crafts, sewing, baking, board games and inhouse movies. During these social activities the ladies will work on behaviour, social skills and relationships. This fun time together will be relaxing, and it will create an opportunity for friendships to be developed. These activities will be reviewed on a regular basis, and will depend on the ladies individual requirements and choices.


On the weekends the Participant will have the opportunity to choose activities which may include a movie, Art Show, trip to Goma, crafts, dancing, picnic, ferry trip, bowling, library, music, sport or watching a show ie musical, pantomime, or ballet.

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