Privacy Statement

Miraa House Privacy Statement

Miraa House is committed to upholding the personal privacy of its participants. We are dedicated to protecting the personal information we collect and aim to remain transparent about our management of your information.

The Australian Privacy Principles guide our collection, storage and use of your personal information. Please see the below frequently asked questions for more information.

Can I remain anonymous when contacting Miraa House?

Yes, you can remain anonymous whenever you contact us. Furthermore, you may anonymously submit feedback and complaints about our service at Miraa House by completing a feedback and/or complaint form available in our reception. If you require a digital version, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What types of information does Miraa House collect?

We collect the minimum information necessary to provide our participants with the best service. We require identification details, contact details and information pertaining to the legal guardianship of our participants. We will also require more specific information pertaining areas of interest, past and current diagnoses as well as relevant information relating to our participants support requirements. Furthermore, Miraa House utilises Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) on site, to monitor service provision and ensure the safety of all.

How does Miraa House collect and hold my personal information?

We collect personal information from our correspondence with you directly. We employ a range of methods to safeguard this personal information in our possession, including restricting personnel access and only releasing information to third parties with your consent or by law, as required. We also utilise IT systems with password and firewall protection, and lock paper files in filing cabinets on our premises.

Will Miraa House collect information about me from another party?

Occasionally we will receive information about participants or their families from third parties, such as government agencies or medical professionals. We will request your consent to collect and hold this information in our records.

Why does Miraa House collect personal information?

We collect personal information from you, as it is required to effectively perform our service. With this information, we can provide more suitable programs and service to our participants.

Will you use my photograph, videos or photographs of my family members?

We will request your consent prior to taking your photograph or publishing your photograph on internal or external media platforms. However, some personal information including recordings of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) will be provided to third parties or Miraa House Personnel if the disclosure is required by law or reasonably necessary to protect the wellbeing of the participants, other participants enrolled at the Facility or Miraa House Personnel and invitees.

Who will keep my personal information up-to-date?

We can update your personal information at any time, at your request. Please inform our staff about any changes in your circumstances or personal information and we will make the appropriate amendments.

Who can Miraa House release my information to?

We will request your consent to obtain and release your personal information to a third party, if required. We may have to release your personal information if required by law, or if the safety of the Client or another person is at risk.

Can I access my personal information?

In most cases, our staff can assist you to access your personal information that we have on record. This access will only be refused where Australian privacy legislation prevents us from providing such access. On this occasion, we will provide you with a written notice detailing the reasons why we were unable to provide you with access to your personal information.


If you require further information or if you would like to provide us with feedback or concerns relating to our policies and procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can chat with one of our friendly staff members on 07 3376 7966 or via email at [email protected].

If you would like to make a formal complaint about our collection, storage or use of your personal information, you may contact the Office of the Information Commissioner for Queensland. For more information, visit