The NDIS will provide the necessary support to Australians under the age of 65, living with a permanent and significant disability, to help them to live a normal life.

NDIS aims to help people living with a disability to:

  • reach their goals
  • become more independent
  • be actively involved in the community
  • develop everyday life skills
  • work towards employment and wellbeing skills

Support may include:

  • personal care and support,
  • access to the community,
  • therapy services
  • essential equipment

A rough guideline in preparing for NDIS

NDIS can sound a bit daunting at first, but preparation can make a huge difference.  Like all good journeys you need a plan.  Prepare and think about what you would like for your daughter to help her become more independent and give her a more fulfilling life.  Try to keep these goals real and achievable.

Make a list of a full day’s activities from when your daughter wakes up until she goes to bed.  Break the list down to the levels of help required – examine each activity and decide if your daughter is able to achieve this task on her own, does she need limited assistance to complete the task or would she need someone else to do this task for her?  Think about each point on the list, what service, resources, therapy or equipment would be required to achieve this task.

List these points under two headings – short term and long term and then priorities each list.  This will help you to set the goals that you would like your daughter to reach.  This process will help you to see what is required for your daughter to become more independent and help her to lead a more fulfilling life.

The more you learn about NDIS the better equipped you will feel.  Speak to other parents and organisations to get as much information as possible.  Visit the NDIS website https://www.ndis.gov.au/ and be informed if there is any information sessions available in your area.

When preparing for any meetings with NDIS you need to constantly refer back to the goals that your daughter is trying to achieve and make sure you are still on track.

NDIS Meeting

Be prepared when you go for any NDIS meetings, make sure you have your list of goals, and any supporting documentation relating to services, resources, therapy and equipment that your daughter requires to achieve these goals.  Include notes about how your everyday living is affected within your family to support your daughter and her needs.

Your main aim is to provide the NDIS planner the knowledge about your daughter to make an informed decision that is right for her.  A decision that will provide her with everything she needs to make her more independent and give her a more fulfilling life.  Don’t hold back, now is your best chance to get the help that your daughter requires.

Discuss with your planner the possibilities of changing the plan for your daughter once it has been implemented and ask if there are any conditions you should know about.

Managing your daughters funding

You can either self-manage your daughters funding from NDIS or you can get an agency to manage your funding.  There are many agencies available either through the internet or they can often be found at the Disability Expo’s.

For information regarding NDIS https://myplace.ndis.gov.au/ndisstorefront/index.html